Catalyst is a shared workspace and business incubator program serving North Louisiana. We’re more than just a place to work. We’re a community. We are here to help your business grow by connecting you to the right resources to accelerate your business. We have a network of mentors, organizations and leaders with years of experience in business and entrepreneurship.


We offer guidance to members and non-members to help get you on the right path to starting your business. If we don't know the answer, we know someone who does. Relationships with programs such as EAP make the road to success a lot less bumpy. Get strapped in at the co-op and let's take a ride.


One of our greatest areas of expertise is being a connector of resources. It's tough enough just running your business daily. When you factor in the time it takes to keep it funded, staffed, protected and growing properly, it can get overwhelming. Whether it's workforce or financial, we take personal interest in tracking down the proper resources and avenues so you can keep doing what you love.


Through our team and partnerships with local organizations and mentors we have an open book of knowledge waiting for you at Catalyst. We have a number of mentors giving personal time to guide you as well as programs to educate you on anything from smart business practices to legal tactics.

Our Featured Companies

AntLey Productions

Antley Productions, LLC is a multimedia company with services ranging from business to recreational & individual video production, photography, and DJ services. They have received multiple awards on a wide variety of work done all over the United States.