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Louisiana Catalyst, Etheridge Pipeline & Conduit agree to partnership

Tuesday, October 3, 2022

MONROE, LA - Louisiana Catalyst announces a partnership with Etheridge Pipeline & Conduit (EPC). This agreement will make EPC the title sponsor of Louisiana Catalyst’s Podcast Show, “The Link,” and title sponsor for Louisiana Catalyst’s North Louisiana Jobs initiative. This partnership will allow Louisiana Catalyst to serve small business owners and EPC better to engage the North Louisiana workforce.

Louisiana Catalyst President Quentin Durr said this partnership is “vital to support the growth of the work the organization plans to do with the release of its upcoming podcast show and other initiatives.”

“We believe that through our podcast, we will be able to show the region how to create and promote a message, but also how to reach business goals through the tool of effective communication,” Durr said. “As far as our workforce initiative, we see and hear about the challenges of qualified employees from the companies we work with. We are willing to roll our sleeves up with them and help identify solutions beyond stealing each other’s top talent.”

While helping businesses identify growth strategies and opportunities, Louisiana Catalyst has committed to understanding the actual needs of the companies it serves. EPC is a leader in the workforce development dialogue that the region has had. By partnering with Louisiana Catalyst, a 501(c)3 organization, EPC can contribute to the conversation even more and identify tangible outcomes.

EPC Co-Owner and CEO Caleb Etheridge said they see Catalyst’s podcast “The Link” as a “perfect alignment with our mission: to create a way for anyone in Louisiana willing to work to have the opportunity to do so.”

“This new platform Catalyst has created is a perfect way for small businesses to get their word out to the masses,” Etheridge said. “We recognize that the audience we want to target with our message is in fact on the other end of that mobile phone, or computer, listening to this podcast. If you’re an ambitious small business owner looking for ways to grow, getting your message out through this podcast must be part of your plan. If you’re a small business owner facing challenges and looking for answers, this is a podcast you need to be listening to.”

Etheridge Pipeline & Conduit is a telecommunications and distribution gas construction and maintenance company. EPC services the telecommunications markets locally and abroad with aerial and underground solutions. EPC also services our local distribution gas markets with new construction, replacement, and maintenance solutions.

Louisiana Catalyst’s podcast show, “The Link powered by EPC,” will launch on Monday, October 10, on all podcast streaming platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

For more information about Louisiana Catalyst or EPC, contact DeRon Talley at

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